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How to choose ski boots

The ski boots sizes by the Mondo scale equal and length of the insole in centimeters (example Mondo size 29,5 cm equals 29,9 cm = 11.61 in). Here is our recommendation for boot choosing:


  • For beginners and mid advanced – experience shows us that 90 % of the beginners and mid advanced skiers, customers choose boots whose insole length (Mondo size) is approx. 0.5 to 1 cm (or 0.2 to 0.4 inches) larger than their foot. If you are such skiers and prefer comfort, we recommend that you measure your foot, which should be approx. 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) smaller than the chosen ski boots.


  • For advanced and experts – if you are advanced and experts, choose boots, whose insole length (Mondo size)  equals the length of your foot or is a tiny bit larger. For such kind of skiers the boots must be tightly bound to the foot for good control and fast reactions.


How to put on and try the ski boots:


The boots are buckled so that they are tight enough without being inconvenient and without the feeling of aches and discomfort. Once you have buckled them, you have to bend your knees forward until you feel a slight support by the front of the ski boots while the weight is being centered at the front part of feet. In this position, when you look downward you must see approx.0.5-1 inch of the ski boot fronts. This is the basic posture of the skier and it is very important for proper skiing. In this position, when the knees are bend forward, the heel is pushed backwards and the tows are freed.


If you have not bent your knees forward as described, and they are relatively straight, the feet heels and toes are carried forward and are rested at the front part of the ski boots, which creates the illusion that the ski boots are smaller.


Bear in mind that the ski boots are not ordinary boots or runners. The sensation, when you are putting on the ski boots, should be that they must fit tightly and be strapped so that you have a maximum good control. When you are putting them on and trying them, follow the instructions described above.  If you don’t try them on properly, your ski boots will always seem smaller.